Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I hit the wall today. Two classes. Two classes in this entire day, and one of them was absolutely, unbelievably, ridiculously out of control.

Seventh grade was an absolute dream. I love love love loved it. My sixth grade class... I'm not sure I can do that again. I just withered away up there and kept smiling, but just crumbled to bits.

For the first time (okay, fine... not the very first time...) I wish I was teaching in the States. I almost said in a "normal classroom," but I am really working on shifting my view of what is normal. Regardless, I would understand rules and customs and traditions and be able to set up my own room and feel confident and develop a classroom atmosphere and see kids more than once a week.

That's all, I'm done complaining. Share your wisdom, please?

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  1. Oh Stephanie, we need to talk about this 6th grade situation. How about I give you 6th grade advice and you give me 3rd grade advice? Deal? Deal.