Friday, September 17, 2010


One of the obstacles I am running into with surprising frequency is eating. I don't yet have pots or pans (absolutely on the to-do list for tomorrow), and so my meals consist of whatever I can kind of manage to put together from my groceries, or Romanian street food. I am pretty poor, so I eat at home as much as I can. Nearly all the time, actually. However, sometimes my peanut butter and cornflake sandwiches get a little boring and I want to venture out. It really doesn't cost TOO much money, either- street food here is pretty cheap.

In particular, I am discussing a delectible item called shawormas or kebabs. I cannot fully describe the goodness of this food, perhaps simply because it is not a peanut butter and cornflake sandwich. A pita with meat from a spit (I go with the pui, or chicken), with sauce and lettuce and cabbage and tomatos and onions and usually pickles. They are AMAZING.

And so, friends, I find myself at the kebab/shaworma stand with enough regularity that this happened yesterday as I walked up:

"Kebab small for Step-an-ie? Hey America! Chee-ca-go!"

(I was then cajoled into giving him my number for what I can assume is private English lessons... something I probably won't do on the off-chance that he was asking how much I rent my body out for hourly. In which case, I WAY undersold myself.)

Yeah, I need to get some pots and pans tomorrow.

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