Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day Reactions

For years I have been living for the first day of school. The anticipation, the excitement, the anxiety. Not knowing exactly what to expect but looking forward to the amazing potential the year holds.

I couldn't stop smiling this morning as I got ready in my apartment. I slept really well last night for the first time since arriving in Romania (aside from the jet lag sleep-off) and woke up with the sun shining in the window and the birds chirping and the beauty of the day just... surrounding me. I got ready really early, not needing to be at school until 2:00 in the afternoon. I sat on my futon and replied to some emails and tried to distract myself, finally just going to school to hang out at around 12:00.

Overwhelmed. That seems to be my new word lately. My "catch-phrase," if you will. Students everywhere. EVERYWHERE. An opening assembly of sorts and then kids running to different classrooms and smiling and laughing and pointing and giggling. I was introduced to everyone and then met with a few different classrooms, finally making my way to the staff room to get my timetable. Whoa, buddy. This is so different. So new. So... wonderful. I got 37 bouquets of flowers today. Ooh, man. I would gladly take a salary cut in the US for 37 bouquets of flowers from students who don't even know me. I feel unbelievably appreciated. (And it took me three trips to get home with all of them)

Here is my schedule:

2:45- 7B
3:30- 6B

7:45- 1A
8:30- 2C
9:15- 2B
10:00- 1B

5:00- 7A
5:45- 6C

8:30- 2E
9:15- 2A
10:00- 2D
10:55- 8A
11:40- 5A
12:25- 5B
1:55- 6A

7:45- 1C
8:30- 1D
9:15- 1F
10:00- 1E
10:55- 8B
11:40- 5C

No wonder Romanian teachers get paid so little. We BARELY work. There are no requirements to be at school for any longer than these hours, seriously. It is a lot like university, actually. I'm going to need to find something extra to do with my time, because even planning for 12 different levels each week will not fill up the empty spaces. Travel? Volunteering? Exploration? Extra-curricular clubs? Sure things, all.

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