Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Resign

One of the more interesting things in my little flat is the television. It opens up a world to me, a Romanian world, that you really couldn't see otherwise. Some of the channels are in English with Romanian subtitles, and I get things like CNN, MTV, and the ever popular Discovery. (NOTE: Bear Grylls is a local celebrity here. You know, that "Man vs. Wild" idiot? He is everywhere.)

Regardless, some of the channels showcase some ridiculous television shows. One such show is titled "Being Erica" or something equally insipid, a show about a quirky, beautiful 30 year old woman and her (mis)adventures in the big city. There's a twist though- in the middle of each episode, a God-like man shows up (I thought at first he was just her much-older boyfriend, but... whatever) and shows her the error of her ways. This happens with a flashback of some sort, and she goes back in time and changes her behavior and learns about herself. Pretty... predictable.

This posting IS going somewhere, I promise.

I had the television on for background noise the other night as I was working, and God was speaking. And like a zinger through the room, I listened to this quote. I don't know where the writer for the show got this particular bit of wisdom, but I liked it.

"Learn to be what you are. And learn to resign, with good grace, all that you are not."

I'm resigning today, with GOOD GRACE, all that I am not. Because there is so so much. And bearing the weight of it is getting a little ridiculous.

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