Saturday, September 11, 2010


Every once in a while, the delicate and fragile nature of life strikes me.

During part of my time in Chicago, I had the adventure/pleasure of living with seven other people in one apartment. We shared a five bedroom, three bathroom apartment in a great location in Hyde Park, and it was certainly a journey. I was touched in many ways by each of my roommates, and walked away from the experience with friends I consider dear.

One of my roommates was a man named K~ who was, in the best of ways, an incredible amount of fun. He taught me about letting go and putting stress away and having fun. We had a great semester of talking sports and watching television and learning how to consume drink.

K~ was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had surgery that evening. Apparently things are looking good (it was not cancerous, etc...) but still ridiculously frightening.

How precious, and precarious, our place on this earth is. Sometimes I just need a reminder to live every moment with the aim of finding grace and creating love and making peace.

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