Sunday, May 22, 2011


This blog posting is for you. Yes, you. You who are reading this whilst sipping coffee in the morning, or skipping out of work. You who are reading this to take a break from studying (you know who you are...) or to catch up at the end of the day or to stop thinking about the pain in your knee.

You who has supported me through my time here in Romania with calls and emails and packages. You who I have counted on to cry to and rejoice with. You who I have watched movies with and discussed books with and shared experiences with. You who has talked me through nights of loneliness and fear, you who has cared about my well-being. You whose name excites me when I see it on Skype or in my inbox, you who can make me laugh like no one else. You who understands me and makes me feel comforted.

Thank you.

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