Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life Stories

The following are 5 of the best autobiographies from Class 6B. They were asked to write the story of their life as if they were 50 years old. Enjoy :)

I have appeared into this world on the 9th of September 1998. I was kind of fat, but the other people said that I was the cutest boy they’ve ever seen. I have first said the word “popa” which means food (in baby’s world.)
My childhood was good, actually great. I was playing all the time. I like very much a song. I don’t remember what was it’s name, but when I was hearing it on the TV, I was running like a dog chasing a cat to the TV. I was sitting near the TV and looking at it without moving. My mother told me that I was looking like a zombie.
The first years of school were funny, but the other 12 classes were hard, very hard. In fact I was getting great marks, I was practicing basketball and I was swimming, but I didn’t have enough time for talking (with the girls.) It was hard, but I don’t regret it because I had a great time after school.
I had a career of a professional basketballer. I was the best in high school, in college… I was scoring lots of points per game, but one day an injury stopped me on my way to the NBA. I had a trade request from the Chicago Bulls. I was very sad, but I couldn’t do anything about it.
At 30 years old I got married with a beautiful woman. I have met her in a club in Hollywood. She was sitting at a table with her boyfriend and I asked her if she had got a cigarette. I looked in her eyes. She did the same thing. We started seeing each other and one day, I told her that I loved her.
We had a boy together. His name was Derrick. We loved him very much. He was always getting good marks at school, he was playing football very well, but I was sad because he was smoking. At the age of 20 he left home and tried to live alone his life. Me and my wife moved to Chicago where we met my American teacher, Stephanie, from a school. We were always seeing each other.

Everybody have got a big and difficult life in the beginning. After, it all depends on your job and career. When I was young (1-5 years old) my life was very beautiful and sweet. My parents used to tell me that I would to have life experiences, perseverance and responsibility to resist in this world.
I started school when I was 5. My teacher was very good and I loved her much because she wasn’t strict with us, so I learned quickly. In grades 5-8 all of these things changed. Our teachers were very strict and subjective at grades. Finally I was admitted in Sova Highschool and I was very happy.
Then, I began my life. After 8 years I finished the university. When I was 18, I was learning bass music for 5 yers. I because a professionist. My first concert was in Bucharest with 3000 fans. The name of the band was “COPYRIGHT.” The drummer was my friend Luca Rusu, the voice was Alexandru Pescaru, and the hero fock guitarist was Steven. It was great. It didn’t remain too much time because the band would take drugs for making music.
So, our band was disbanded and I had a job named program maker. I built my house when I was 24. It means the floors downstairs: a big living room, two kitchens, garage and a garden and upstairs: 7 rooms, 3 bathrooms, and so on. After a year I got married with Alicia Keys. I had two children named Alex and David. I met Alex and Luca, my friends, to make a new street band (just a hobby).
In the last 30 years I built a career in “IT” and I am the general manager of Blueberry Inc. which produces software for the new generation of computers. I’m a happy grandpa and very proud of my family. My sons followed different ways in their life: Alex is a pop singer and David is a rugby player. I think that my life was beautiful and interesting, but it passed too quickly. I still have a thousand things to do.

I was born in the 24th of July 1998. It was a very hot day. I’m in the sign Leo, I really love this sign and I don’t want to be another!
My childhood was very pretty and full of joy, but when I was 7 years old my grandmother died. It was sad, but now I’m okay and fine. I traveled many times in other countries: Greece, Netherlands (my aunt is there), America (one of my aunts is there), UK, but I don’t remember too much since I was there.
I never went to nursery, my mother stayed with me. I was in kindergarten and then at the school where I’m now. But (it’s sad) next year I want to go to the Tonitra School (a school of arts).
Well…hmm…I want to become a designed in Netherland or a singer (the biggest one). My favorite singers who inspire me are: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Britney Spears. My favorite songs are: Leona Lewis- Theme from Avatar (I see you, I love this song), Lemi Lovato- Everytime you Lie, and Christina Aguilera- Burlesque.
Well, now I’m a designer and a singer too. Now I’m in Netherland in Enshede, in a beautiful house near the center. I have a house in UK too. It is in London. And, a house (the house of my aunt) in Florida, America.
I’ve married in Netherland near the Nord Sea in a big hotel. My husband’s name is Jake. His nationality is Dutch.
Now, I’ve had a beautiful life and I don’t want to last it!

Hi! I am writing this for my little nephew: Please do not make the same mistakes as I did…I want you to get the right decisions in life.
My childhood wasn’t that special. In fact, it was not special at all. There were good times, bad times, but I can’t remember those old days. My parents took me to a good school with a lot of friendly mates.
Even though getting only good marks wasn’t one of my gifts, I was really talented playing guitar. I’ve had lots of concerts at the age of 12. Later my parents told me to go to a good highschool. That meant that all the band mates I had. It was a bad decision… it started a war and I volunteered at the age of 21.
I have lost my right arm in a dangerous mission. But at the end of the war all over the television was talking about our victory. One day I was watching TV and I saw a documentary about war. Suddenly, I saw something terrible: it was a picture of the soldiers that won our war! And the former drummer of our band was in the picture! Too bad he died of cancer.
After that, I got married. Me and my wife gathered money and I got my arm back- a cybermetric arm. You can see that now I am happy.
But I want you to choose another road. Make me proud you’re my nephew.

I was born on June 11, 1998 in Bucharest, Romania. My parents, Dan and Crina had been married for six years when I was born. When I was brought home from the hospital, my dad played “My Little Man” by Ozzie Osbourne. My mom says I was a nice and calm baby, but I have the scars to prove her wrong. I grew up in an apartment, and I had everything I needed. My younger sister, Julia was born on February 9th, 2004.
My first day of school was on September 15th, 2005. During my primary years, I was kind of a dork. Then, in elementary school, my sense of humor started to evolve. I went to high school in England, and I got a scholarship to Julliard, in New York.
That’s where I met my wife, Aimee. We got married on September 14th, 2023, then we moved to LA. My sister and her husband moved not so far away, in a house three blocks from ours, in 2017. Our twins, Cameron Michelle and Aidan James were born on April 4th, 2028. I was hired as a stand-up comedian at a local cafĂ© in 2029. I worked there for a bout 3 years, when I was spotted by a director and I was cast in Steven Spielberg’s last movie, a collab with James Cameron. Meanwhile, our third child, Milo Andrew was born on July 4th, 2034. The movie, called “Shadows,” premiered on August 19th, 2035, and it starred me as Deputy Mike Hendricks. Milo got involved with print campaigns, while Cameron (who had played Janie Hendricks, my daughter, in the movie) and Aidan (who played Bear Andrews on “Criminal Minds for 5 episodes) were cast in “American Twins,” a sitcom about twins living in America. While I got involved with more and more movies, Aimee became a writer. Her first novel, “Hiding Behind a Willow,” made her famous. The twins are 20 years old and still acting, Milo is a sophomore and got a guest starring role as Teenage Peter on “Fringe.” His character will return for at least 13 episodes. I am still acting, and Aimee is in the midst of her newest novel. As for my sister, she had a beautiful daughter, named Jennifer. I had a great life.

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