Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Told You

One of the most unsatisfying parts of living in Romania's capital city is knowing what this place used to be like, before it got bulldozed. I've seen some pictures and read some articles that indicate how destructive Ceausescu's ego and plan for systemization was... but sometimes it is difficult to convey that point to people not familiar with the current state of affairs.

I've recently been stuffing myself with the content of a blog by the editor of Bucharest in Your Pocket, one of the most well-known and truthful magazines about Bucharest. Thanks to the good people at, here are the following maps. Keep in mind these are the SAME areas of the city, the first from 1979 and the following from 2009.

That is the old part of the city they messed up. The pretty part, really.

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