Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Really Shouldn't...

Complaining is, for one thing, completely pointless. There is nothing that my complaining will make better. Secondly, I have been blessed with really amazing weather lately- it did not rain ONE TIME on my entire spring break trip. Not only didn't it rain, but it was beautiful. Peeling sunburn beautiful, in fact. (Though it did mean I carried an umbrella around for 10 days on my back for no good reason.)

But it has been raining for what feels like weeks here. There were puddles that turned into rivers that turned into lakes that have become the Gulf of Mexico. Not quite an ocean, but it is still full of sharks and it tastes bad.

I wore three outfits today, this day that I teach two classes. The first outfit was rather lovely, an "urban-chic" look (I know I flatter myself) of kahki pants and a white turtleneck with black shawl. About 58.3 steps from the front door of my bloc... SPLASH. That was a huge truck, that was Lake Michigan, and now I'm covered in water. Okay, if I hurry back now I can change.

No time for fashion, but amazed that I still looked devestatingly awesome... ahem... I was out the door again. I'm sure people think I'm the in CIA after all the glancing and head turning and flying leaps I did to avoid getting splashed again, but I made it nearly all the way to school. Ahh, a nice zebra crosswalk.

Yeah right. SPLASH. All over me. Drity water (...just like the poor Gulf of Mexico... was this joke in bad form?), all oil slick and smelly. In my hair, dripping off my eyelashes, running down my cheeks, seeping down my shirt, drenching my pants, wetting my feet.


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