Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wrapping Up

There is something special about knowing exactly how many classes you have left to teach before the end of the school year. Those final weeks, days, and minutes tick away at a school in the States... but here I count classes.

My regular full-load is 21 classes in a week... so with three weeks left, that should be fairly easy to figure out.

I would like to pause and remind you that this is Romania.

I have extra classes this week, extra classes next week, and extra classes the last week. However, I also have fewer classes this week (according to the latest update), fewer classes next week, and fewer classes the week after that. Apparently there are days off that not all the teachers know about, and my last two days of classes aren't really classes... but are they? I have absolutely NO way of knowing because, well, I don't know. At least I know that I have to ask now, but when you are literally told three different things, it gets a little complicated.

Maybe this is just a way for me to stay focused on living in the moment. I literally cannot count down... because I have no idea.

Ahh, Romania.

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  1. Come to Greece my dear! You'll be tearing your hair out! So will you continue next year in Romania?