Friday, April 1, 2011

Social Problems- 6A

In order to avoid bragging like crazy all over this class of students, I'll just let you read their work. They were asked to write a composition about a social problem in Romania. These are 5 of the best compositions from the class, but it was extremely difficult to choose.

By Boldeiu Costin
One of the biggest problems in Romania is pollution. Pollution hurts out health and it could kill people or animals. But this big problem didn’t appear because that’s what it wants, people created it. Every day, people drive cars, which eliminate toxic smoke. Another reason that our country is polluted are factories. They pollute the air and destroy the nature, too. The Nature is destroyed by people too, because they cut the trees. By cutting trees, we kill the nature and the oxygen disappears. All is green means life. We can’t stay and watch on the window how pollution destroys the nature. We must stop the activities which pollute the air and start doing some things to help the nature, like recycling. We must give the people some ideas about how pollution hurts our life by doing some projects and activities. All the people should start to protect the nature by going to work or to school without a car or to recycle all we can. We should give people some posters and informations about what means the nature for us. All the people should protect the nature and destroy the pollution, because they save their lifes, they protect their health or they can save other people.

By Pîslan Maria-Fabiola
Every country has problems. And deforestation is very popular. But, in Romania, this is something very alarming. Unfortunately, the people who can do something are too blind and too deaf about this problem. Deforestation is a very big and important problem. It contains a lot of other small, but very important problems These are some of them: The industry of wood building. This industry is crazy! From doors and bed to houses, they are all using wood. Solution: finding other materials to build with. If we really want to do something, then we have to think twice about buying objects made of wood. Annually everywhere in out country are very bad ground slides. I can’t say if people are dying because of ground slides, but their houses are. One solution is planting new trees in the zones there are no trees. But a tree is growing very slowly. Too slowly for this problem! But why do this people cut the trees? The majority ground slides are in the country sides. People need wood for cooking, heating and other things. So, we have to think about problem number 3. Too much systems are using wood. Here we are talking about heating systems. Solution: improving them, and making them to use fewer wood. They should use different materials. But what materials? For a person from the country side, a better system means more absent money. So this is a good solution, but only for people from cities. What about the others? Well, they have to plant as much trees as it’s possible. They have to hope, to wait, and to have faith in the God. Deforestation is a very big problem. Unfortunately, just about 25% depends of us. The rest of 75% depends of… other people. What exactly can we do: planting trees, recycling, take care of our green gold.

The Dark Side of Romania’s Environment and Health
By Roşca Anca
Romania is a country where problems reign. The worst is that people do not care about the fact that they breathe smog and toxic gases and they live in crowded towns and cities. They don’t care of epidemics and the fact that only if you’re famous you get good care. They have no interest in keeping their country as it should be: no crowded hospitals, accessible treatments, more green spaces, more protected areas, more rural space. If this is the dark side of Romania, why can’t they turn it into a lige side? They have no interest. They care only of money, and reigning in a country who, they think, should recognize them as kings and queens. There are solutions but they tell us they have no money to apply them, they have money for: malls, fountains and other things and no money for the life of the people. If they would promote bikes, camping, walking, if we would encourage ecotourism, if we would be stricter in rules regarding landfills, if people would care more about their health, if they would vaccinate, if the doctors would have more interest in respecting the medical ethics, if there would be more rooms in hospitals, it would all be better. If we would provoke people care more, then they might care more.

By Nicolae Teodora
Problem: Crime 1. Violent Films 2. Mental Conditions 3. The Irresponsible Parents This is a really big problem, related to the main problem, which is “Crime.” The good quality of films is disappearing. The classics “Casablanca,” “Roman Holiday,” “My Fair Lady,” and “Quo Vadis” were replaced with some violent films, with blood, murders, wars and killed people. The music we are listening and the films we are watching are influencing us. Fifty-sixty years ago there were really good movies, and people were civilized. Nowdays, people are robbing banks, are hurting other people. Those things were not happening sixty years ago. Like that saying, “You are what you eat.” I heard that once, three teenagers watched a violent film and took it as an example. They managed to find some guns and killed almost everyone from their high school! I think it really is terrible! Also, some teenagers watched “Avatar” (a film which I, personally, find disappointing) and realized that a world like Pandora doesn’t exist and our planet would never be like it. So they thought that the only solution was to suicide! Those fatalistic films, like, for example “2012” are just having a negative influence on everyone who watches them, but most of all, on minors. Even if there is an age limit, children still look at those kind of films. I think parents should really take care of them, show them, teach them to love beauty and disapprove of violence. When they would grow up, they would think that what they saw in films is real and also legal, but this could be easily avoided. Once, I watched a film, a documentary. The main character girl was sick of schizophrenia, a mental disease. She heard in her head some voices which told her what to do. They were telling her to harm the people who loved her and hurt herself. She was listening to them. The thing is that if the parents of the girl would have taken her to a hospital when she was little, the problem would be solved. But the parents decided to ignore the girl’s problem. The film is inspired from a real case. So, I think that parents should be aware that there is no shame to take their children to a hospital for their mental problems.

By Rusu Carina
This is a big problem because many people don’t care about the nature and they don’t even think how it will become in a couple of years. We won’t have fresh air to breathe because of the plants that will die. Solution: We should learn people, especially children and young about how to protect the environment when they are in school. There are so many ways to stop pollution: from planting trees to taking the rubbish from the street. These are good ways to solve this problem. Even if they see a dust bin on the street, they don’t throw their rubbish there because they don’t think at all and they are having run breaking the rules. Solution: The bad people who throw rubbish on the street should pay some money to the police because this thing may stop their stupidness and they should be normal and throw their things that are no longer useful at the dustbin. They also don’t realize that many plants are going to die because they don’t want to take care of them and to plant more. So the oxygen can be fresh and good to breathe. Solution: we should learn how to plant trees and plants in every park, garden, or school’s garden and take care of them by watering it and clean it every day. Everyone can do this. Parents can help their kids to make a better environment for everyone because if this world will be totally polluted the people will die with the plants and animals, too. So we have to protect what God gave us!


  1. wow! very cool :) do you follow a curriculum or mostly make up your curriculum. i'm so curious about this whole teaching english in another country thing. save everything in case i need it one day! hahaha

  2. Foarte frumos.Dar daca nu ati vorbit despre rasism si despre cum a decazut romania dupa 90` cand au intrat tiganii in tara...Ar trebui sa scrieti un articol(asta daca nu aveti unu deja)