Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Cautionary Tale

Every once in a while, we do stupid things. Some of us do more stupid things than others. I am one of the "us."

I've done a lot of stupid things here in Romania, many of which I've told you about. There was the time I bought a train ticket for the wrong date (or at least failed to check it after purchase). There was the time (ahem... a few months) that I thought my washing machine was also a dryer. There was the time I closed the cover on the stove with a burner still on... and then touched it. Goodbye fingerprints. There was the time(s) I let all the water boil out of the pot.

Excuse me while I go turn the burner off.

Today might have been my most impressive display of stupidity yet.

It all started yesterday, when I lost my dear friend. My friend who has traveled the world with me, who hs supported me through many trying times and circumstances. My friend who brings me both nourishment and refreshment, who is with me so often I feel a sense of loss when we are separated. Yes, I am talking about my purple Nalgene water bottle. Those first graders knew just where his weakness was, and dropped him right on his unreinforced plastic head. Only a slight crack, but enough to render my buddy nearly useless for anything but drinking. No more throwing him in a bag to journey together again, no more tipping him up and down while watching a show online, no more fun memories and happy times. It was the end of an era...

I decided to go to the park today, as it was nearly 70 degrees out and sunny. I brought along my little computer buddy, so faithful and such a hard worker. He fits in my purse AND holds all my books for me. Well, a creature of habit I am, and so I tucked Mr. Nalgene into my purse to come along. A brief walk later I felt a droplet of water on my foot and realized in a flast of enlightenment... OH NO. Not only was the bottom of my purse soaked (Mr. Nalgene must have been tired after his accident yesterday- he fell over) but my computer was in there. My beloved, cute, blue baby of a computer. The little guy who worked so hard for me, who keeps me sane and connected here... and his only request is that I don't give him a bath. I failed, guys.

After about 10 minutes of blowdrying, he came back to life. Slowly but surely, as I restored all my faith in the world of technology and swore to all the computer gods that I would never be so disrespectful again, he turned back on.

Treat your loved ones with care, my friends.

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