Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trip Log

8:00pm: The train just pulled out of Oradea and I have a sense that I’m leaving one of the few places on Earth where I can be truly happy. I’m in a nice compartment, about 10 times better than the train I was on from Cluj-Napoca. There are two people on the other side of the compartment and I have a lovely seat next to the window… number 56, the same seat I’ve had on 7 previous trips. I suppose there is a benefit to going early. I also very nearly lost my water bottle- about 5 minutes before the train pulled away I remembered that I had left it in the station. My poor friend looked so lonely when I ran in to grab him… and then chased the train a bit. Luckily I had at least grabbed my bag with wallet, passport, and phone. I'm not totally stupid.

9:00pm: I’ve not even finished “Driving Miss Daisy” and it’s already one of my favorite movies. I’m kind of dreading when one of them dies… I mean, one of them is going to die at some point. I hope they die together in a car crash. I’m alone in the compartment and taking advantage of it. I need to go to sleep soon and spread out across the seats so that people leave the compartment alone.

9:30pm: He is feeding her now. This is the best movie ever. No one dies.

9:35pm: I’ve made a makeshift bed and I’m going to sleep. All the way to Bucureşti.

10:41pm: Hahahaha. Maybe not all the way to Bucureşti. Just to Cluj-Napoca, where a selfish person came into my compartment and took a seat NEXT to me. Was that really necessary, you prissy girl with the curled hair and the leggings? No.

1:30am: Just finished watching “Shakespeare in Love.” So cute…

4:52am: Dang it. That was a nice long nap. Welcome to Braşov… again. Really, guys? I know you love each other... but please stop sucking face in my train compartment. It isn't even 5am. And why do you need the light on? You don't. You don't need the light to be on at all.

5:45am: So sweaty.

5:47am: SOOOO sweaty.

5:54am: Why do I do this to myself?

6:30am: 3 hours to go, and I’m conking out… again.

8:30am: So sweaty and gross. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 24 hours now. I need a shower. I need a bath. I need a better method of travel. I need money so that I can fly places. I need this train ride to be over.

9:27am: Ahh, home sweet Bucureşti. Gara de Nord. I’m off to buy more train tickets for this EXACT same journey in about 3 weeks 

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