Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sorely Needed Update

For those of you who enjoy my blogging in list format, here goes... I know that I have been terrible about this, and there really are a few things going on in my life.

1. I journeyed to Sibiu, a Saxon settlement in Transylvania. It was a really lovely weekend, and a good time to get away. The journey there wasn't awful- as is usually the case on a Friday evening, the train gets less and less crowded the closer you come to the destination. I arrived at about 9:00 in the evening and found my way to the hostel quickly, then ventured out a bit for a walk around the three interlocking squares. It was amazing, kind of a pedestrian center and recently renovated, so the streets are clean and the pavement isn't treacherous. Though it rained nearly the entire weekend, it didn't prevent me from walking what felt like a million miles and climbing a ton of stairs and loving the experience.

2. I had an interview the following Wednesday for a position in Connecticut as a Residential Counselor for a summer program. I wasn't nearly as excited about the position going into the interview as I should have been, but 45 minutes later, I was sold. The man I interviewed with sounded like an amazing boss, and the job just seemed incredible. We agreed to speak sometime the following week regarding the position. He sent out reference forms the next morning, and called on Skype later that night to offer me the position. Friends, I'm moving to Middletown, Connecticut at the end of June, and I really couldn't be more excited.

3. I mailed some things at the post office the next day, and nearly 40 minutes later I sent off my two cards. Watch for a follow-up posting on the Romanian Postal Service...

4. I got a package on Tuesday from my amazing parents. It was filled with amazing goodies like onion soup mix and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Jolly Ranchers and tea and honey and multivitamins and Crystal Light. Amazing...

5. I am headed to the town of Sighişoara this weekend, and really excited. Providing the money holds out, I will be traveling every other weekend until I leave. This is nuts. Sighişoara is another Saxon settlement in Transylvania, and is said to be the best preserved inhabited citadel in Europe. It is a much smaller town than those I've been to before, but that should mean I can really explore the whole town. I'm not leaving until Saturday morning to save on lodging costs, which makes for a long weekend on the train, but I don't mind. Because there will be mountains, and I like mountains :)

6. There is a lot more to blog about and I promise I will be getting around to it soon...

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