Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life Again

I've noticed a sense on increasing happiness lately, and I wasn't entirely sure where it came from. I am moving quickly towards the end of my time in Romania, but I didn't think this was the reason for my joy. School is still challenging and I still get sick with way more frequency than normal. Bucureşti is still a sprawling concrete jungle and I am still 7 time zones away from most of my friends. But I have been happier, and it wasn't until about 2:47 in the afternoon in Cluj-Napoca that I realized why.

At 2:47 in the afternoon I looked at my watch as I sat under a tree in the middle of the Botanical Gardens. At 2:47 I could hear the birds chirp and feel the breeze play across my skin and I could see signs of life. Not just any sign of life, but the tender and beautiful signs of life that come every spring. New and delicate buds on the branches, flowers that are just starting to bloom, and tiny shoots of green everywhere. At 2:47 I realized that my happiness is a result of life, and how blessed I am to experience it in this place.

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  1. i like this four hundred million times. times seventy bafreakingjillion.