Sunday, August 1, 2010


I often am able to look back on a season in my life and notice growth in one capacity or another. It is usually after the period has ended, and improvement reveals itself by rising out of the mundane where it was concieved and developed, and where it hibernated until I turned my head to glance back. And I am constantly surprised by the existence of this thing that dwelled in my spirit and grew in my heart and lodged itself in my head. I turn forward and continue onward through the next season.

This season, something changed. In this time of uncertainity and decision and dreaming, I can feel the growth. I felt it nestle down deep inside of me, coursing through my body, becoming part of my unconscious thought until it burst through fully formed into my life.

This season has been about the beauty and intimacy of connection. I have written before about my incredible friendships and support system- but those were things I knew about before. I am talking about the fresh knowledge of humanity and the beautiful recognition of another's soul. I have recently had the chance to connect with a variety of people in a wide range of ways. I found myself revealing little bits of my spirit, not to the other person per se, but to the collective knowledge we shared by the very virtue of being human.

I like this kind of growth. And I like knowing about it now.

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