Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another List

You probably are reading this, expecting another list. Well- I got you! Because this post will have TWO lists.

Things I will miss about the United States:
1. Potbellys. Those of you who aren't from Chicago may not know about this fantastic little restaurant chain. It is, indeed, fantastic, and loads of my money goes to support it.

2. Sweet Corn. I have heard that this isn't a thing in Romania. And this thing happens to be my favorite thing.

3. English. This one sounds absurd, but I am getting exhausted just thinking about the language barrier. I KNOW that I will be teaching English, and that many of my counterparts will also be able to converse in my native language. But I want to fully experience the culture- and this means straining to understand whilst in the community.

4. People. Duh.

Things I will NOT miss about the United States:
1. Guns. I promise to keep this blog civil. But for REAL? We can argue about this all night, but I still think that 2nd Amendment was kinda dumb. And terribly outdated. What happened to a living and breathing Constitution? People don't need to shoot dinner anymore, and certainly not with a handgun SPECIFICALLY designed to murder a human. That is all.

2. Politics. Many of you who know me understand that I am a political junkie. I follow politics and spend absurd amounts of time reading news stories and discussing political marketing and theory and of course, watching "The West Wing" again and again. But I am just a little tired of the bickering here. And the lying. Lots of lying.

3. Local News. I'm sorry. This is getting a little bit specific and judgemental. But it's my blog, so I don't really care. I HATE local news. I have such problems knowing that people are getting paid MONEY to report things that are simply irrelevant. See the post above for clarification.
And local meteorologists- you are not exempt from my wrath. Your DOPPLAR RADAR 3000 can just fall apart. And please stop calling yourself by monikers that you think are jazzy. Everyone knows you lead the lonely and depressing life of a man with big hopes for a spot on The Weather Channel.

Hmm. That got bitter kind of quickly. Oops. My sincere apologies.

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