Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The first day back to work after a holiday is always difficult, and this day was made more so because of the ridiculous temperature (97 degrees at one point this afternoon). And this heat exacerbated by our two most dreaded hot day activities: back-to-back BASEBALL and TENNIS. Right after swimming. So the sunscreen doesn't stay on and the sweat is pouring and we have just 12 minutes to get everyone out to the far field for hours of sun and moving and feigned excitement and a counselor terribly worried about heat stroke and sunburn.

And so we take group drinks ("Ok Munchkins, we are going to do a group drink! Remember, you aren't allowed to stop drinking until I do! Everyone ready? One, two, three- guzzle!") and one minute shade breaks and I pass out back rubs and face massages like candy. And we sweat. We sweat and sweat and sweat. ("Stephanie, my face is soggy too!") And I carry little ones on my back because their feet just will not move any more and we have 2 minutes to get to the bus lines, and I hold little hands and try not to drag them along. I pretend that all is well when I am literally hours away from my air-conditioned room and I am thoroughly convinced that I might not make it. I climb on the bus and nearly pass out from the swell of sticky air and breathe a sigh of relief when my kids elect not to sing a song because it is just too hot. And I rate the day a miserable failure.

I struggled for a while to find the positive parts of this day. I met an interesting man on the bus and talked passionately about the fate of public school students (a subject I could discuss for hours). I played a fun game and encouraged my girls and managed Munchkin #2. I kept all of my Pineapples from getting burned and getting sick. I cooked a good dinner and shared it with an even better roommate. There are many positive parts of this day, and I feel that I should feel different. I feel like I should expect less, and enjoy more. I should have a sense of blessing to even be working, and to have a place in this wonderful city, and a beautiful life ahead.

But sometimes, is it okay just to have a crappy day?

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