Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Yesterday I wrote about a day of mediocrity and some disappointment. And I asked at the end if it is okay to just have a crappy day.

Perhaps it isn't. Perhaps we are committing a pretty major offense when we let a day pass without some acknowledgement of blessing. Perhaps karma does exist. Or perhaps, today was just another crappy (er) day.

The work day itself was fine- a little sticky with some frustrating situations, but nothing too abnormal. I have had a lingering tooth ache for a few days, and my dentist called in a prescription to a pharmacy here in Chicago for me. As one in total control of my life, I decided to drive to pick up the prescription and a few things for dinner, and return to the apartment for a lovely evening.

And thus it begins. The pain in my tooth has morphed into a pain of consumption, and when it throbs my entire body seems to feel it. Just a little thing, a little obstacle in my day. I leave my apartment, going back into the heat and the liquid, nearly unbreatheable air clutching my jaw in pain. And I grasp my keys and walk to where my car is parked. And my car is no longer there. Thinking about the absurdity of my brain (it must be the pain, right?) I walk around the block. The only block I have ever parked on. And my car is not to be found. So I walk around again, pressing the panic button every few yards. And alas, there is no sound of panic, except in my own heart. I remember distinctly the last time I was in my car. I had gotten groceries and parked right THERE and had two loads and noticed the pretty flowers in the pot that are still right THERE. I raced back up to my apartment and called my father and emotional breakdown ensued. We found my license plate number and the VIN number, and I stopped crying for a few moments to call the police. After 30 minutes, they informed me that my vehicle does not exist in the database- anywhere. Would I be so kind to file a report personally at the station? The station located at 29th and King Drive? The station that would take me over an hour to reach on public transportation? Sure thing.

More crying ensued, and then a quick cold shower and a walk to the bus station. And now would be the perfect time for a... thunderstorm! Standing at the stop, still clutching my throbbing head, cars pass by and splash me and I think about whether or not this is all even worth it. Who needs a car anyway? I am completely and totally drenched when I walk into the police station and spend an hour there filling out paperwork and waiting on the staff Sergeant to finish his sandwich.
And I have this conversation:
"Well, Ms. Sablich. We find about one in every two thousand cars reported stolen."
(eyes welling up with tears) "Oh, so..."
"Right. Have a nice night."

And I leave the police station and walk to the bus stop in the rain, still holding onto my jaw, and just start to laugh at the absurdity of my life. And 90 minutes later I am home, prescription and pain killers in hand, and realize that it could have been much worse.

So it is not okay to just have a crappy day. Because, friends, the next one might be worse.

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