Thursday, July 8, 2010

Incredibly Blessed

Because my car was stolen, I have once again realized how wonderfully and richly blessed I am. This may seem like a terribly odd statement, and I promise this won't be a post about how lucky I am for all the trivial details, though I am . I am lucky that I wasn't in the car at the time, or that I had nothing of real value. I am lucky that my gas tank was almost empty (work with me...) and that I happened to notice it missing within a relatively short period of time. But frankly, it still is really awful. And a little bit funny.

I am blessed with unbelievable friendship. My four "C~ friends" mean so much in vastly different ways, but they pour into my life with exactly the right amounts of what I need. My parents M~ and T~ have been incredible as well- first with the details and then with the emotional support. And so many others have offered prayers and asked questions and thrown their support behind me. These people in my life offer perspective and love and humor. They freely give time and energy and thought to my problems and joys. They sort through my spirit and allow me to be a truer person. I am blessed and sustained completely.

Leaving for Romania was daunting on one level simply because of friendship. The lack of intimacy with others who know me best is a frightening thought. And then this happened, and it was a reminder of the support system I have, and the beauty of connection. I'm not really frightened anymore.

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