Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Silliness

Here are some silly sentences from class 6A:

“The green cat can play karate and enjoy the math and is from U.S.A.”

“A blue cat was scuba-diving in Kazakhstan after the English class.”

“The blue chameleon loves football and became my biology project while I was in Canada.”

“A green chameleon played football with the map of Afghanistan. In this time, a red lion painted it for art class.”

“A blue chameleon is cycling to Romania and it likes history.”

“A red chameleon when cycling in Egypt and quit biology, where he was helping the young students to study ‘The Body of a Chameleon”.”

“A blue snake was scuba-diving in Egypt and thinking at history.”

Using the words run, holiday, animal, desk, place, house, excited, tiny, swim, and school, I had my 5A class write stories. Here is some of their work:

“It was a sunny day. I went home from school. On my desk I saw two tickets to a holiday in Greece. I was so excited because that place is great. I took a tiny present for my parents to thanks them. I ran in the house because I was very happy. When I went to Greece I swimmed in the sea all day. I took with me a cute animal. It was a great summer.”

“Dear Iulia, I’m having a great time in Barcelona. Today it’s very hot and warm. Right now I’m running. In the sea it’s a tiny animal. It’s a sunny holiday. We’re very excited to be here. I’m swilling in a small place of the beach. I don’t want to go home to stay in the house and start school again. I don’t want to sit at the desk to do my homework. I love this city very much. Love, Ilinca”

“I went in a summer camp with my parents. Suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from the forest. I ran to see what happened. I saw a tiny animal writing his homework at a desk. It was a snake. Can snakes write? I didn’t know that… Everyday we learn something new! Then I saw some flies swimming in the milk. Okay, that’s weird. I woke up. It was a dream. It wasn’t holiday and I had to go at school. While I was walking I saw again the snake. Was it a dream?” –Ana On.

“I was at the English class! It was boring! The phone rings! It was my dad calls me he has a surprise for me! I was at the desk when at the door was my dad with a Labrador for me!!! A real animal! I run at the door to dump to have my pretty dog girl! The Labrador loves to swim like me! It was tiny and lovely. My mum says she can stay in the house for 3 months. I was excited. I go with she in my room. She put in a place to sleep but I can’t live it to sleep. I was staying in Bucharest in the week for school and in the weekends I go to the house in the backiard.”

“Dear Toby, I am on holiday in Mamaia. It is a wonderful place. Now, I am swimming at the seaside. My brothers is running on the beach with his favorite animal: a dog. His name is Bob and he is very tiny. Tomorrow I go to school here in Mamaia. I am so excited! The school is far from my hotel, so I go by car. I’m very happy! Write soon, Dora”

“It was a nice summer day. The school was over and I really enjoyed this. I went to a nice holiday. I was excited because my parents told me that we will go to the mountain. A hotel with a pool, where I can swim. But my parents wanted to go out for a walk. I wasn’t so excited. We walked a long time, and we arrived on the peak. I was scared. I saw a big bear near a tiny baby. I wanted to save him. I ran very soft but the creature saw me. He bit me but it didn’t hurt, then I thought that it was a nightmare. At the moment I woke up and I realized I am at my house, and it was another boring school day. I went to my desk and I started to learn the text.”

“It was a sunny day of summer. I was at the ‘Summer Camp.’ The place was great. I stayed in a beautiful house. One day I went to the lake to swim. I saw two tiny yellow eyes. It was a hungry animal. I ran and I went to the house. I set at my desk and wrote to my mother. She was excited that I wrote her. It was a beautiful holiday.”

“I’m running to hope to see if my mother wants to go on holiday. I’m so excited. Right now I’m in my house. My mother telled me that we are going to go on a holiday. I’m so excited. When I walked through my room I saw on my desk a paper. On it was the place where we are going to go. We are going to go to swim and… to SCHOOL. What??? I don’t want to go on holiday anymore.”

“Dear Clare, I am running here in my hotel. The house is tiny and sticky. I am having an animal who is sooo excited! He is only three year and he goes to school! Near his place is an old desk who is screaming: ‘Please! I want to swim! Why I can not swim? Is unusual! Please!!!’ Isn’t it great? Love, Anastasia”

“I was on a holiday trip. I went home and I saw a tiny elephant. The elephants should be big animals not tiny! Suddenly I started to swim. Then, I heard: ‘Wake up! I’ll give you a NINE if you don’t wake up.’ A NINE? No way. I woke up on my desk at school. What is the…? ‘Thanks! So to your place. I can give you a ten…’ I was so excited! ‘But unfortunately I’ll give you a FOUR because you slept.’ A FOUR? It was only a dream. I woke up but I was at school. I didn’t have a FOUR I had only a THREE!!” –Andrei Alexandru

“It’s Monday. I run to school every day because I can’t catch the bus. Every Monday think at holiday because I don’t want to go school, sometimes school is boring or interesting. This Monday is very good. Our teacher make a move for us about animals, how can they swim in water and what they eat. I was excited because a tiny bug can eat very much. When I arrive at home I go at my desk and do my homework. The homework was about a wonderful place: North America.” –Morosanu Dracoş

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