Wednesday, March 16, 2011


There has been a LOT going on in the past week or so, but I'm going to focus on the future. I have a few things to say.

1. I am traveling to Sibiu this coming weekend and I am incredibly excited. The more I read, I become more and more convinced that I really need a weekend away in a place described as so charming.

2. I am traveling to Sighişoara the first weekend in April, and then I have a long trip planned for spring break (including Maramureş, Cluj-Napoca, and Oradea). The second weekend in May is set aside for a visit to Timişoara, and the last weekend in May is reserved for Constanţa. I will be visiting Iaşi the first weekend in June, and flying home to the States sometime after June 17. Now... the challenge is just to find funds all of these adventures :)

3. My 5A class is working on a project that they will present next week- a travel poster on different major cities in Romania. No joke- what I've seen so far is incredibly impressive. I'm very excited- pictures to come, of course.

4. I'll be featuring some of the best "Social Problems" compositions of my 6A class in the coming days- look out for some amazing writers.

5. I got a package in the mail today from my dear friend Lori. A while ago I mentioned to her that I missed having something to cuddle. Check out what I found at the post office today:

And with that, have a lovely week!

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