Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Recollection- A Royal Visit

Written by Mike:

Once upon a time there was a little princess in a small part of Romania. Her father the King was in a distant land. When he came back his daughter the princess had gathered all the peasants. They had a huge celebration. And the King declared that he and his daughter the princess would travel the countryside. And thus it began.

They left the King’s fortress in the largest town (Bucuresti) and traveled early in the morning to a very old area of the countryside so the King could show his princess their history. They passed beautiful countryside of rolling hills and jagged mountains covered with ice. When they reached the town (Brasov) the King left his daughter the princess to go out amongst the villagers whilst she recovered from her journey. The King enjoyed his time with his subjects enough that he returned to his daughter to bring her out with him the following day. Together they traveled the local countryside to ancient ruins, and the King told his daughter the history of their heritage. That night, they snuck away so as not to be noticed by the adoring subjects, for the King did not want a big fanfare. They journeyed to another town in the northern cold land and arrived at dawn in the city of Cluj-Napoca. The princess awakened at the beauty and magnificence of the city and the King was elated. Weary as they were from a night of travel, they took rest. In the early afternoon the King brought his princess to his magical garden, which appeared to be a winter wonderland. The princess was in awe. After meeting a charming dignitary for an evening meal, she proposed that the King and princess travel to a foreign land as a diplomatic act. And thus, they made ready to leave on their journey on the morrow.

Traveling to a neighboring kingdom, the King and his princess were met by wonderful fanfare and they were housed in the kingdom’s finest palace available. The King and his princess were in awe of the beauty and splendor of the sights of the village and the furnishings of the palace. The following day the King and his princess were escorted as diplomats to tour the village and see all that it had to offer. Upon awakening the King and his weary princess disguised themselves as commoners so as not to be recognized as diplomats to go amongst the people. They traveled to the thermal baths and to the Central Market Place, where they dined on the local fare and marveled at the hand crafts of the local people. Still in disguise the King suggested that they sneak away back to their kingdom during the night, and this pleased the princess. They arrived after a painful journey to Timisoara, where they had a late-night stroll through the town squares before retiring for the night.

Upon awakening and eating a breakfast feast fit for the King and his princess (complete with Nutella), they again proceeded into the square where subjects were happy to see them. Happy to be amongst his loyal subjects the King and princess met and talked with several of their countrymen, and even dined with one man. However, all good stories must come to an end, and it was time for the King and his princess to return to the fortress far far away. They left, heading east in the daylight, and it would be late in the night before they returned to the town they left a short 6 days previous.

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  1. haha, awesome. Love it, Mike. You sound like a very well-travelled King.