Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Silly Sentences

As a treat for my 5A class after a double session last week, we played BINGO today in class. I have a bit of a unique system for playing- we create our own boards. Choosing five different categories, we come up with five examples within the category as a class. For example, the category could be animals, and as a class we come up with panda bear, lion, snake, zebra, and spider. All of these are recorded on the board and then the students fill in their blank bingo cards however they see fit.

When it comes time to play, I randomly choose (usually from sheets of paper folded up) the letters B, I, N, G, or O, and say one of the words from the board.

There are many reasons I play this way, but one of the benefits is the activity we can end the class with: silly sentences. The assignment is to create sentences using a word from each of the categories. Here are some examples of work today... enjoy :)

"The red Romanian cat does math and plays ping-pong."

"The blue English zebra danced when it was learning P.E."

"When I was playing basketball in the math class, a green zebra said that he went to Spain a weekend ago."

"When I learnt for science in my car, go to England to play water polo, I saw a purple cat playing basketball."

"Last month I went in England when I saw a man in yellow clothes who was playing tennis with a cat but he don't know Romanian."

"Last month, when I was in Sweden for a math exam, when I saw a big rat, big like a giraffe, purple, playing ping-pong with a hand, and with the other he was playing P.E."

"When I learnt English in Spain I saw a yellow cat playing ping-pong."

"In my purple room I dance, I think at Italy and at my zebra's English homework."

"When I was to Spain, I bought for my cat a green book to learn math and I played ping-pong."

"When I was in England, I saw a blue man wearing a red cat."

"I saw a red rat in Spain, that was playing ping-pong and study math with his friends."

"I live in Romania and while I was playing tennis I saw a blue giraffe that likes P.E."

"I have a purple zebra who is learning math in Romania when I'm dancing."

"I learning to be green and my Spanish rat who is a tennis star is doing science."

"When I play basketball in Italy I always think that a blue giraffe will dance in front of me."

"Italy's rats are purple and they are good at the science tennis."

Just admit it... my job is cooler than yours.


  1. I love that these animals are incredibly studious. :)

  2. teacher ! I cannot wait to have classes with u!! :x