Sunday, January 30, 2011


Since my last post...

1. I didn't actually have any classes to teach on Friday. No one told me this of course, but my break actually started on Thursday afternoon.

2. I started feeling sick.

3. I picked my dad up from the airport, and we journeyed back to my neighborhood to get groceries, and then out for dinner at a traditional place in Lipscani. We had ţuica- ohhhh, man.

4. I got more sick.

5. We left really early in the morning to catch the train to Braşov.

6. I got more sick.

7. I spent about 20 hours laying in a bed, sending my dad out on the town.

8. I feel less sick and now I am writing this.

Hoping that these next 24 hours are better than the last, because we'll be in Cluj-Napoca in just 21 hours :)

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