Friday, February 11, 2011

Scheduling- Round Two

For months they have been working on the third wing of the building at School 79, and it was finally finished during the mid-semester break last week. Classes were moved into new rooms, and I saw the back of the school building for the first time. On a side note, my 6th grade students got a GREAT shot of a naked man in the building opposite through a window. "Moving on to exercise 11, please..."

Regardless, we have moved from 40 minutes classes in three shifts throughout the day to 50 minute classes in two shifts. I'm a bit nervous about exactly what to do with 10 extra minutes in classes with the little ones- honestly, 40 minutes is about what they can handle. But regardless, I've emerged from this whole scheduling fiasco a winner. Only one bad day, and it's a Monday :)

Here is the new schedule, for those who are interested. Additionally, I will provide commentary on each class, now that I know them...

12:00- 5B (Actually one of my favorite groups, if crazy loud and super nuts and really challenging sometimes. Filled with some really funny boys who goof off non-stop, and one of the sweetest girls you could ever hope to meet...)
1:00- 7B (A sweet group individually, but collectively they can be a disaster... interesting bunch for sure...)
3:00- 5C (Has some of the LOUDEST boys I've ever met in my life- and they can be crazy, but really wonderful and fun sometimes...)
4:00- 6C (The bread throwing class. That is about all I have to say...)
5:00- 7A (A class I love love love, but they can get kind of rowdy. Looking forward to more good things with this class...)

8:00- 2C (A DREAM group. Some really adorable kids, they listen really well, and they love me...)
9:00- 2E (This group is really interesting... can get super loud, but incredibly affectionate. I love teaching them, and getting all the hugs...)
10:00- 1D (Ugh... rough. The absolute NUTTIEST child I've ever taught in my life- he tried to "sneak" out of class 17 times one day- but you should see this kid smile...)
11:00- 1B (A really adorable dream kind of class- cute kids with a bit of attitude sometimes...)
12:00- 5A (What could possibly be my favorite group. Just- SWEET and amazing. Seriously, sometimes too easy...)

8:00- 1C (A group I've not sure what to do with. On my best days they are charmable, on my worst they are a disaster...)
9:00- 2D (Ugh- wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Rough...)
10:00- 2A (Wow, a fantastic group, and so so so smart. I absolutely LOVE these kids... and the three Luca boys...)
11:00- 1E (My favorite group of first graders- they are seriously adorable, and really well behaved, and they sing ALL my songs...)
12:00- 6A (My other DREAM group- too easy sometimes, but lovely)

4:00- 6B (Another incredibly rowdy group, but some hysterical kids. They make me laugh EVERY week...)
5:00- 8B (These kids are interesting... somewhat unmotivated to do ANYTHING for me in English, but a lot of very smart students, and some sweethearts...)

9:00- 1A (Lots of cute kids, but some that are just TOO advanced in English for the group- good for them, bad for us...)
10:00- 2B (Used to be a disaster class and still a challenging group, but much easier and a happy time almost always...)
11:00- 1F (Sometimes crazy, but my smallest group, and they were a lot better in the new room today- also, one of the sweetest students I have...)
12:00- 8A (Technically the "best" students I have in English... some amazing kids and some that really just don't care... I feel like a constant failure with this group...)

Not bad, eh?

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