Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Each class I have is populated with kids that are either chaotic troublemakers, innocent sweethearts, or normal. Tragically, the kids in the middle just blend in, because there are one or two troublemakers, and one or two sweethearts. When you have 21 classes to manage and over 600 names to learn, it makes it easier to concentrate first on those who make your life hell, and those who make it better again.

Like Star Wars in real life, these students seem to either be working for the Light or the Dark side, and this past week, I won a few converts.

The first is a second grade hellion named L~ who is way too smart and knows way too much English for what I need to cover with the rest of the class. I finally decided to employ one of the easiest tricks there is, and it worked like a charm. I now have a translator in Class 2A.

The second is a boy from 5B whose beautiful spirit was covered in such mischief that I couldn't see through the grime. I literally cried when I say him working diligently on the assignment, and I did cry as I told him how proud I was.

There is still M~ and M~ in 1A, D~ in 7A, every student but B~ in 6C, A~ in 1D, M~ and M~ in 1C, G~ in 5 C and many many others... but I won two converts last week and I am rather proud.

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  1. You're well on your way to learning names. You learn the troublemakers and the ones who become helpful first, and then you fill in the rest as time goes by. By Christmas, you'll be shocked you could ever learn THAT MANY names.