Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An (AHA!) Moment

I might be the worst teacher ever.

My first class on Tuesday morning is a first grade group, 1A. This is at 7:45 in the morning, and usually a pretty interesting group. They are a lot of fun- not too quiet, but not awful either. I usually give them some time to settle in (kids here straggle in) and then start the lesson.

No one has an assigned seat or anything, because each classroom is used for three classes throughout the day. Every morning the students come in and just find a seat, which makes learning names just SUPER easy.

There is one child in this class named Mihai. As a side note, I have decided that students named Mihai (pronounced "me-hi") and Luca and Matei (pronounced "matt-ay") are some of my favorites... and biggest challenges. I have either a Mihai or a Luca or a Matei in every class , and most of them have both or more than one of each. In 1A, Mihai is a challenge. One of the cutest little ones you could ever hope to know, but OH MY WORD. This kid is so out of control- he is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I have been amazed for four weeks at his ability to be in many places in the classroom at once. I try to get a handle on him, and he is gone again, across the room. He is a total sweetheart, but his abilities for escape and deiversion border on magical.

This morning, Mihai sat right next to his twin brother, Matei. That is right, friends. There are TWO of them. There have been two of them all along, just never sitting next to each other. I nearly collapsed. This certainly explains some things.

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