Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And the Beat Goes On...

These weeks pass with almost a maddening speed and a curious rhythm. There are days I spend doing almost nothing but reading and talking and surfing the internet. Other days I accomplish amazing amounts of work and go places and do wonderful things. The point, though, is that I usually get to Wednesday night and marvel at how quickly the week has gone. I make it through the long days of Thursday and Friday, and through the usually boring weekend days, and spend Sunday evening wondering, again, how I managed to lose the previous four days.

Regardless of energy or time or activity or schedule, my days in Romania are passing with a frightening rush. I feel it in the comfort I am developing with the city and the language. I feel it with the chilly breeze that sometimes blows me down the street. I see it in the changing leaves, and experience it in the darkness when I walk to school in the morning. This weekend will mark 2 months since I traveled to Romania. What have I done with my time?

Is sounds incredibly cliche to just say "Carpe Diem," but this is what I am struggling with. How much of this year is about LIVING here, which includes quiet evenings and days spent watching shows... and how much is about experiencing things I couldn't otherwise if I was living in the States? I'm sure this is a battle I'll continue to fight in my head.

For now, I'm going to Brasov this weekend. Booyah.

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