Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Day

Today was a day. Not just any day, but a Tuesday. Not just any Tuesday, but January 25. Not just any January 25, but January 25, 2011.

This day has no significance at all. Except that I got to be alive in it.

And there is only one of them. I realized recently that I have been wasting too many days. Too many days that are unique and special for the simple fact that there is only one of them.

I had classes with the little guys this morning, and got a bit stressed with finishing the grades that are not due by the end of the week, but by tomorrow. After venturing back to my apartment I steeled myself against the cold and the anticipated exhaustion, and I left to pick up a package. Three hours later I was back, sans package, because it appears that I picked it up in December.

So this Tuesday, January 25, 2011 was a relatively stressful day. Oh, well. For one thing... "eh, it's Romania." For another- I only get one of these. I'm in Romania for less than 350 days, and I'm tired of throwing entire days away because they didn't go as planned.

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