Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Momentary Living

We officially booked our flights last night. Flying out of Chicago on August 30 gives me an actual, real, tangible date. A specific point in time that I can measure and count down to and plan for.

I should clarify something. When I say "we," I am talking about myself and someone else. I basically began looking into a position in Romania as a result of a conversation I had with this person. We both went to Romania in May of 2009 through a trip with school, and it was here that I left a portion of my heart. We talked a lot about life after graduation, and D~ casually (I thought) mentioned going back to Romania. I began looking into this possibility and did some quick research and applying and interviewing. When I jokingly invited D~ to Bucharest after getting confirmation of a teaching job, he also decided to pursue a year teaching English in Romania. So, I am lucky enough to have someone both familiar and terribly entertaining to embark on this journey with. And it is truly an inexpressible comfort to know someone in the same hemisphere, time zone, and country.

Anyway- we are now the owners of real and actual tickets for a real and actual flight to Romania. My entire life, I have been looking forward to the future. And while there is nothing wrong with anticipation, I fear that I am missing things on the way. This blog is obviously about teaching in Romania, but I am acutely aware that everything this summer will impact that up and coming time. Every experience in my entire life is contributing to the experience I will have in Romania, and for obvious reasons they matter tremendously.

And so with resolve, I am committing to "momentary living." Not living for a moment, but living through the moments. A million little things happen daily that I don't want to miss, especially as I look forward to this looming departure date. For I am in danger of living on the surface for this entire summer, simply existing without being affected or creating an effect. I am committing to acknowledging the insignificant, the chol, the seemingly meaningless.

In in that spirit, here are wonderful kid quotes from the day:

Munchkin #5: "You have a red face Stephanie. And it is kinda soggy."

Munchkin #2: (With a wave of the wand) "I declare it shall be COLD. Chillium! Wow! I feel it working already."

Munchkin #6: "I like these things."
Stephanie: "What things?"
Munchkin #6: "These round things under your shirt."

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