Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Never Too Early

I know that my writing has been terribly introspective lately, so I thought I would thrown in something blunt and boring and wonderfully straightforward.

I love lists. I really have a thing for lists. And despite my deepest desires and desperate attempts to be more spontaneous and carefree (which probably factors a great deal into this whole endeavour in the first place), I still like lists. And so it is the list-making maniac of my former self is writing this post.

It is never too early to start planning, and I have always been a planner. I worried about getting into college during second grade. I began looking at potential universities during the spring of my eighth grade year. I was mercilessly laughed at for my 10 point life plan, created junior year of college. My dear friend and person C~ was planning to DIE before I had reached step 10, but this was no matter to me. I am a planner.

I leave for Romania on August 30, and with me I will bring two suitcases and a carry-on bag. And I must fit the following into them:

1. Undergarments- 10 sets; Socks- 5 pairs; Dress socks- 5 pairs; Casual tops- 5; Long Sleeved shirts- 3; Sweatshirt- 1; Casual pants- 3; Teaching pants- 2; Summer pants/shorts- 3; Dresses/skirts- 3; Sweaters- 2; Dress Shirts- 3; Black hiking jacket-1; Tennis Shoes- 1 ; Dress Shoes- 1; Sandals- 2; Hiking Sneakers- 1; Swimsuit- 1; Slippers- 1; Long Underwear- 1; Pajamas- 2 sets; Winter hat- 1; Winter gloves- 1 pair; Stretchy gloves- 1 pair; Sunglasses- 1 pair; Jewelry- small bag; Toothbrush/Toothpaste; Make-up- Small Bag; Travel Toiletries; Swiss Army Knife- 1; Duct Tape- 2 rolls; Digital Camera- 1; Battery Charger- 1; Memory Card- 2; I-Pod- 1; I-Pod Charger-1; Laptop/Charger- 1; Flash Drive- 1; Adaptor for laptop- 1; Ziploc Bags- 20; Purell Hand Sanitizer- 2; Photo Album- 1; Playing cards- 2; Assorted teaching books- 3-4; Assorted books- 3; Alarm Clock- 1; Index Cards- 4 packs; MISCELLANEOUS items :)

Not bad, right?


  1. Stephanie,

    This is Jeff Weichman - your cousin Marie's husband. This "Romania thing" sounds exciting. I work with an accountant from a client that is from Ordea, Romania. I told her that you were going there and she was so excited for you. She has been in the States for about 5 years I think and didn't speak a lick of English when she came. If you would like to talk to her before you leave let me know. You could Facebook Marie. If not, enjoy your trip! We will be following you and thinking about you often.


  2. I don't see Twizzlers on that list anywhere...sneak some'll be glad you did! :)

  3. you are, yes, a maniac. take more teaching pants and warm things, and lose the purell. i'm sure they have that in romania. also, more socks? yeah. more socks.