Friday, June 18, 2010


I am sure that there will eventually be many posts detailing the reasons that I am abandoning my life plan and uprooting myself this year. I could talk about things like a love for Romanian people and culture, or a desire to travel. I could discuss the current job market in the United States. I could write about my discomfort with settling down and establishing a life pattern at such a young age. I could postulate about the meaning behind overseas work and the difference I will make in young lives.

The very simple answer: I don't really know. I am sure that in the next few weeks and months I will be writing about all of the "reasons" mentioned above. But for now, I know just a few things.

1. I am extremely anxious- the kind of good/bad/exciting anxiousness that I feel when unticipating the unknown.
2. I will be teaching in a primary school in Bucharest, near the center of the city.
3. I am going to miss people tremendously.
4. I am not good at living alone and need to practice.
5. I feel wonderfully prepared to teach, but not so prepared to live.

I hope to be posting with some regularity about life in Romania, and teaching in Bucharest. One of the reasons for this blog is to keep in touch with people in the States. However, I also want to be able to look back and see growth. With that said, here are some goals for the year:

1. Learn to speak enough Romanian to be comfortable.
2. Get to know a people, a history, and a culture while living in Bucharest.
3. Use the best skills and techniques to teach English.
4. Learn about my students- remain present and thankful each day.
5. Grow as a person who loves and lives for others.


  1. Wow! Stephanie, you are amazing! Best wishes to you on your adventure overseas. You will definitely make a big difference in many people's lives. I am so proud of you. I will keep you in my prayers. <3 Cathie Lewis

  2. Ahhh! You're amazing! Thanks for starting a blog so we can learn with you :-)