Friday, November 19, 2010


There are many things I miss about the United States. I miss familarity and being comfortable with the language. I miss the ability to not be awkward every time I go somewhere new... or anytime, really. I miss walking down the street without getting stares from people, and I miss hearing English.

I even miss the CTA.

However, more than any one thing right now, I miss food. I've gone entire days without eating here, because I simply forget, and just lack excitement for the food I can make in my apartment. I have one pot, one skillet, and one baking pan. The oven is roughly the size of my toilet, and I am usually just too exhausted to try and decifer items at the grocery store.

I was talking with someone recently about some of the dinner parties I've had and cooked for, about recipes I like to make, and different foods I like to eat. This person cooks as well, and I am continually impressed... and jealous. Seriously, sometimes they'll be describing something and my mouth will literally begin to water. No, I'm not hungry for the soup in the cabinet or the pasta (again) or the chicken and rice and veggies. I'm hungry for what THEY are making. I want their steak and sasuage and potatoes and goulash and I even want their Hamburger Helper.

I would have a harder time with the whole part of these conversations if it were not for one thing: I'm coming home in December.

Perfect excuse for a list, I'm thinking.

Texas Roadhouse- just the buns
Taco Bell- I know... my stomach is going to explode after 4 months of abstinence
Chinese- mmm, egg drop soup and egg rolls and orange chicken
Thai- chicken pad thai, anyone?
Olive Garden- a shoutout to my dear C~
Subway- I can't help it...
Mancinos- ham and cheese grinder, yum
Meatloaf- courtsey of Theresa
Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce- again, Theresa
Jet's Pizza- 8 corner pepperoni
Chef Salad- lettuce, carrots, egg, ham, turkey, cheese, and 1000 Island Dressing
Vienna Beef Hot Dog- oooh buddy
Velveeta Shells and Cheese
B.L.T. Sandwich- I don't even care if it is Christmas
Veggies and French Onion Dip- Theresa :)
Chocolate Chip Cookies- baking day!
Scotcharoos- again... part of baking day
Puppy Chow- baking day again
Garretts Popcorn- there are no words, except to say Chicago Mix

Yeah, I know it probably isn't humanly possible to eat all of these things in the 9 days I'll be home. That is 27 meals. 9 of which are breakfast. But don't worry- I won't waste a thing.

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  1. This is totally doable. Pricey, but it can be done. So as soon as you enter the U.S., you should start, and then before you step back on to the plane when heading back, you should still be eating. That way, it will give you enough time to spread it out.
    Also, why did we never go out for Cuban food in Chicago?