Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life Sans Convenience

Life here in Romania isn't totally backward or anything. I have blazing fast internet in my apartment when the power doesn't go out, and it usually only takes me about 2 or 3 tries to light the oven. I just put on more layers when it gets cold, and make up lessons that don't require the use of paper because this is a school system without copy machines.

I'm pretty low maintenance... these things are all okay with me.

I was talking with someone last week about all of these little life adjustments that I've, quite honestly, just gotten used to. I mentioned something about having to hang my clothing, and he was like, "You don't have a dryer?" I then launched into this explanation:

Well, I do have a dryer, I just don't know how to use it. It is a combination washer and dryer, and I cannot figure out how to get the "dryer" part of it to run. The reason I know it is both is because when I did my first load of laundry back in September, the machine went through a whole cycle, but when I opened it up, the clothing hadn't been washed- they were all dry. I messed around with some settings and the next time, it came out dry again. Once more I tried it, and it finally washed the clothing- but now I cannot figure out how to get back to it being a dryer.

This person asked me to give him the make and model of my unit, and he very kindly investigated it for me. He says it took only about 30 minutes, I doubt this... but his findings the next day...

"Sooooooooo... AWE 6514... your washing machine is a washing machine is a washing machine"

"Not a dryer?"


"I really have nothing to say right now."

"Nothing to say, just going to have to keep hang drying."

This has been your Stephanie moment of the week, presented to you by... the shame of my father.

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  1. You know, dryers are not that common in Romania, people are used to hanging clothes on a line for drying. It also makes them easier to iron ;-)